Vinyl- As Family We Go


**Temporarily Out of Stock**

Deluxe Version of the As Family we Go Album, Featuring 16 songs for the journey~

*Please note: Vinyls will not be completed or shipped until 9/10/15

Deluxe- Track Listing:
2. Free As a Bird
3. You Will Never Run
4. Every Giant Will Fall
5. One and Only
6. Joy of the Lord
7.Never Walk Alone
8.Your Royal Blood
9.Just a Glimpse
10. Coming Home
11. The Artist
12. Ireland’s Call
13. You Will Never Run (Neon Feather Remix)
14. One and Only (Urban Rescue Remix)
15. Never Weigh Me Down
16. Every Giant Will Fall (Ukulele Version)

The vinyl is a Double-LP, Gatefold vinyl. 16 songs. Packaged: 12.5” (W) x 12.25” (H) x 0.25” (D)